Buildings and materials
As architects, we are engaged in the encounter between people and the physical world. Our designs explore how people experience place, considering not only how that place affects them, but how the environment itself is changed by this encounter.

Materials play a key role in this exchange.

By understanding and carefully choosing materials, we are able to reinforce the physical qualities of our built environment. We create places which foster connections by appealing to the emotions and the senses. And we create places which are here to last.

Exploring materials

Exploring materials is at the heart of our design process from the earliest creative stages through to completion. In our design sessions, material samples are often laid out alongside drawings and physical models, giving a feel of the spaces we are creating in all their tactile and sensory complexity.

We particularly value materials which retain the traces of process and making. In our work, we aim to use materials which are natural and provide a connection with nature; materials which have sensual, tactile qualities, weather well, patinate and age gracefully while recording the passage of time.

Materials libraries
Designers at Stanton Williams have access to extensive materials archives. These serve as sources of technical knowledge and as design inspiration. Our physical archive displays key materials from each completed project, as well as findings from our research. There are also examples of intriguing, innovative and sustainable materials which we aspire to put into use one day.

In addition to the physical resource, our team has access to an extensive and constantly updated digital materials library. This enables our team to search for and easily compare materials, researching their physical attributes, technical qualities and environmental performance.