We believe that sustainability in its broadest sense needs to be at the heart of the design strategy in order to create exceptional projects. We work closely with clients and the design team to ensure that all aspects of sustainability are carefully considered throughout the brief and programme development, from low energy design, to water use, materials, construction, inclusivity and the ‘sense of place’ that makes buildings socially successful.

Sustainable development can be defined as development that meets the needs of today without compromising the ability to meet the needs of the future. For us, sustainable design is inherent to good design, and is never considered as a separate issue.

Environmental Sustainability
Maintaining the natural environment and not exploiting its resources at rates greater than those at which they are renewed

Stanton Williams’ approach to sustainability in design is holistic, focusing on the creation of high quality environments, adaptability and future proof construction.

We design the form and organisation of our buildings to produce a sustainability strategy that maximises both the location, orientation and massing of the building to its greatest effect using sources of natural ventilation and daylight. Wherever possible we aim to develop passive solutions, which are fully integrated into the architectural design and which are cost-effective and easy for the users to operate. This approach has enabled us to exceed energy ratings targets of many of our completed projects, and to deliver BREEAM ‘Excellent’ buildings.

All projects are unique and a bespoke sustainability plan is developed for each scheme.

Social Sustainability
Meeting the needs of a cohesive society

We define social sustainability as being about people's quality of life and the strength of a community, now and in the future. Social sustainability is considered through every aspect of our design, we consider the character, adaptability and amenities of the places we are creating, and the safety and well-being of occupants and users.

Our commitment to social sustainability begins at the early stages of the development with our community engagement strategy where we engage with the local communities to ensure we meet their aspirations for the development.

Economic Sustainability
Securing long term economic viability

Our focus on high quality environments seeks to create well-regarded places which continue to generate value for their clients over their entire lifetime.

To obtain a copy of our environmental policy please contact the studio.