Accelerating Climate Action

Net-Zero Live is a new virtual conference on energy and sustainability, empowering businesses to lead the net-zero revolution. Under the moto ‘Accelerating Climate Action’, it unites businesses, policymakers, investors, NGOs, and product and solutions providers around a common purpose: to spark new ideas and actions on the path to a sustainable future.

Golnaz Ighany, Sustainability Manager at Stanton Williams, joined Net-Zero Live 2020 as a roundtable panellist on the inaugural day of the three-day conference. Together with leading sustainability and energy experts, Ighany discussed how businesses can ensure a fair transition to net-zero, while emphasising social sustainability and governance.

“Our approach to sustainability needs to be holistic, placing the health and wellbeing of our society and planet at the heart of decision making. To make a meaningful change and to foster sustainable business models, it is important to identify focus areas, set out clear long-term vision, and empower everyone to engage and contribute.” commented Ighany.

Find out more about Net Zero Live 2020 here.