Bike Lines London

Stanton Williams joined forces with a group of built environment professionals in drawing plans to enable larger numbers of people in London to return safely back to work, school and leisure travel using their bikes. The plans were shared in an open letter to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, following his announcement that commuters will experience an 85% reduction in capacity on the transport network.

Known as ‘Bike Lines London’, the proposal calls for the creation of a network of dedicated cycle lanes connecting local neighborhoods to the city centre, with routes arranged along familiar tube lines.
At the heart of the scheme is a desire to encourage a life less reliant on motorized vehicles, supporting the Mayor of London’s ambitions for a ‘Zero Carbon London’ by 2030.

“The aim is to create a safe, effective and sustainable metropolitan network of dedicated cycle lanes not just for those who already cycle to work, but for all: cycling novices, kids, families, shoppers and commuters across the city and within each neighborhood. Adequate infrastructure of this scale is essential to make the great uptake of cycling journeys we have seen during the past three months into a permanent and positive change in transport away from cars: to reduce congestion and pollution, increase safety and well-being and make London a happier, more liveable city, ” said Doriano Chiarparin, Associate at Stanton Williams and member of Bike Lines London.

The group behind the plan comprises architects, engineers, contractors, designers and urbanists, all members of Club Peloton, a charity and community of cyclists.

The group decided to put their passion and experience to good use during lockdown and develop a plan to allow the city to return to work.