Plans approved for Emmanuel College

We are pleased to announce that Cambridge City Council has approved Stanton Williams’ plans for a new College Court for Emmanuel College in the historic heart of Cambridge. The 7,800sqm development marks the College’s most significant transformation in over 100 years and will provide Emmanuel College with generous new spaces for social and communal life, alongside contemporary accommodation and teaching facilities.

Dr Mike Gross, Bursar of Emmanuel College, said: “This project will be transformational. It will be on a scale not undertaken by the College since the completion of North Court in 1914 and will provide new opportunities for us to meet needs that we have been unable properly to address for many years. We intend to strengthen and enhance the College community – new buildings and spaces enabling that community to mix, work and gather in new ways.”

Gavin Henderson, Principal Director of Stanton Williams, commented: “We feel enormously privileged to be part of Emmanuel College’s vision for the future, crafting the physical environment that will support its evolving community and intellectual endeavour."

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