Mental Health Awareness Month

In October we will be addressing an important and timely topic – our mental health. We will celebrate World Mental Health Day 10th October with a month of activities and discussions, dedicated to mental health awareness and support. A digital wellbeing workshop, a fundraising event and weekly tips from the Architect’s Mental Wellbeing Toolkit are among the activities we have in store. See the full schedule below.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Friday 9 October – Tea & Talk

Tea & Talk is a fundraising event, started by Mental Health Foundation 11 years ago, encouraging people to pause and talk. We will be scheduling 30-minute Tea & Talk virtual group breaks for our team to enjoy a friendly chat over a special delivery of delicious brownies.

Monday 12 October – Talk: Digital Wellbeing
Digital wellbeing expert and co-founder of Shine Offline, Laura Willis will be presenting an interactive webinar on creating positive digital habits to protect work-life balance, mental health, relationships and performance in an uncertain time. Laura will be sharing useful tips based on psychology and neuroscience on adjusting to working from home, learning to take a break from technology and maintaining meaningful connections while being
socially distanced.

Mental Wellbeing Forum and Toolkit
Circulating on a Monday morning for a start of the week reading, we will be sharing useful resources and tips with our team from the Architect’s Mental Wellbeing Toolkit by The Architects’ Mental Wellbeing Forum. Topics from the toolkit cover office time and culture, support systems, contracts and client relationships and physical workspace.