L'épopée d'un projet, 2009-2017

As part of the inaugural exhibition programme at the new Musée d’arts de Nantes, Stanton Williams has designed and curated an exhibition that details the processes involved in the making of a significant public museum. Located in the Salle Blanche, L'épopée d'un Projet 2009-2017 runs for six months from the official opening. The exhibition allows visitors to immerse themselves in the project by covering the entire eight year period of planning and construction through the display of development models from the competition stage, to information about the methodologies and museography involved. The exhibition will also include previously unseen photographs of the construction process, which reveal the complex aspects of the transformation.

Two films will feature in the exhibition; the first documents the entire design process behind the new museum and will include sketches, drawings and model making; the second film, by producer and artist Ben Cullen Williams, uses the method of time-lapse film to capture the journey of light as it travels through the museum.

Read more about the exhibition here.