New pavilion building for Campbell Park

Stanton Williams have been appointed by CMK Town Council and The Parks Trust to design a new multi-purpose pavilion in Milton Keynes’ Campbell Park.

The new 900sqm2 development will be located between the Events Plateau and Amphitheatre within the park, and will provide a new community space for Milton Keynes, with a community hall and a café. The hall will provide a space for theatre, music and dance. The design will also include accommodation for CMK Town Council, creating a focus to visitor education and tours, and supporting regular community events within the park. Located at the heart of Milton Keynes, Campbell Park is a 100 acre landscape with formal gardens, water features, woodland and open pasture. The design proposals aim to enhance the Events Plateau, located in the Southwest corner of Campbell Park, creating a new community centre which will become a focal point for local residents and draw year-round visitors to the park. It is part of the extensive development of the Campbell Park district, which will bring many more residents to the area.

Stanton Williams’ design brings the different functions together as two buildings under one roof, following the sweep of the Amphitheatre. The elegant timber structure occupies the landscaped ridgeline, giving views across the park and offering shelter to visitors throughout the year.

David Foster, Chief Executive of The Parks Trust, said: “We are delighted to be working with Stanton Williams who were appointed following a rigorous selection process. This is a
very fine contemporary park and we needed architects who understood how the new building could demonstrably enhance the quality and function of the park”.

Patrick Richard, Director at Stanton Williams said: “Sitting in a prominent part of Campbell Park the building must make the most of its unique setting. As the building will be approached from all directions there is no ‘back’ - our design aims draw people towards the building and offer views out to the surrounding park. We hope the new building will be a talking point for Milton Keynes and enhance the quality and function of one of Europe’s finest contemporary urban parks.”