Our Leadership Team is Growing

We are pleased to announce new strategic roles and promotions at Stanton Williams, recognising the wide pool of talent and expertise within our studio.

Our expanded leadership team encompasses the appointment of four new Directors and five new Associate Directors who, alongside our Principal Directors, will be responsible for strategic thinking and driving forward the evolving work of the studio. We are also pleased to welcome a broader group of Associates and Senior Associates, reflecting the unique mix and strength of skills within the practice.

We are excited about the opportunity that the new roles provide to change the dynamic within our studio. This affects some, whose roles are changing, more directly, but it is very much about the whole team. Stanton Williams consists of amazingly talented and committed individuals who embody our ethos and collaborative approach. Recognising their skills is an ongoing process and allowing everyone to develop their potential is a key priority, as we continue to develop as a practice and to push ourselves and our designs further,” said in a joint statement Principal Directors - Alan Stanton, Paul Williams, Gavin Henderson and Patrick Richard.

The new senior structure follows the recent establishment of the Stanton Williams Employee Ownership Trust (EOT), and further reflects our commitment to fostering a collaborative, diverse and creative environment, where everyone is encouraged to contribute and grow.

Congratulations to all our talented team.

New Directors

Kaori Ohsugi, Rawden Pettitt, Richard Wardle, Robert Bird

New Associate Directors

Anne Fehrenbach, Doriano Chiarparin, Eleni Makri, Kalpesh Intwala, Stephen Hadley

New Senior Associates

Alex Buckland, Andy Garton, Caryl Stephen, Claire Dale-Lace, Golnaz Ighany, Jason White, Michele Tarroni, Sanjay Ghodke, Stuart Bourne, Tom Shell

New Associates

Ali Abbas, Anthony Hogger, Chris Smith, Emily De Ste Croix, Kate Enters, Kristof Keerman, Mathilde Duvivier, Nick Sinden, Rossana Barreto-Smith, Stephen Setford, Tom Fotheringham